Summoned by a friend in the Park Service, ex-cop cam Richter agrees to do a favor; investigate the brutal assault on a probationer ranger in a remote area of the Great Smoky Mountain national park.
Cam has no idea how dangerous his probe will become, because in this part of Appalachia, a sinister matriarch who goes by the name of Grinny Creigh and her extended tribe destroy those who dare to intrude on her web. The Creigh’s control the crystal meth trade and own just about everything and everyone in their neck of the woods. But they also operate a much worse enterprise, a dark secret that terrifies any children unfortunate to come within their grasp.

Shut out by a menacing sheriff with ties to the Creigh clan, Cam is forced to go into the stealth mode as he stalks the Creigh’s and their secrets, moving ever closer to the center of operations at Grinny’s mountain house, unaware that the Creigh’s are hunting him with creatures starved into a state of perpetual fury.

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