A private detective working in Wilmington, NC, is found dead in a convenience store restroom, apparently poisoned. But when her body sets off radiation alarms in the pathologist's lab, suspicion falls upon the nearby nuclear power station, a heavily guarded facility with supposedly fail-safe radiation control procedures. As the FBI, NRC, local police, and the power plant's own security team investigate, retired Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Cam Richter, owner of the detective agency which employed the dead woman, begins his own inquiries. What was his detective doing at the power plant? And how could she be poisoned by radiation without other people or places being exposed?

Cam soon finds himself up against powerful forces that will stop at nothing to keep the plant's problems secret. The most vulnerable part of the plant is the Moonpool, an engineering slang term for the highly radioactive spent fuel storage pond which cools the spent uranium bundles. Racing against time, Cam uncovers an inside threat, a plan to use the plant's own systems to initiate an unstoppable, disastrous series of events.

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